Do you have a shop/showroom? Where are you located?
 I work from home and I do not have a showroom. I am in an inner south-eastern suburb of Brisbane.

How long is the turnaround for the bouquets from the placement of order?
 Generally each order will take around 6 weeks to be delivered or picked up.

I was wondering if you would be able to send a quote through to me if this service is available from you. I would like 3 bouquets, 1 flower girl bouquet and 7 buttonholes.
 I am surely able to send you a quote. Thank you for letting me know the number of bouquets and arrangements that you are after, which is very important. Also, the price depends on the flowers you choose, the size of each arrangement, and the details that you require.

Just wondering if I can come and look at your flowers before I decide to purchase?
 Of course, you surely can. If you are in Brisbane, you are very welcome to order in person so that you can rest assured of my flowers’ quality. I offer the brides a free, no obligation consultation at my home office on demand. This offer is only for the brides who are ready to prepare the artificial wedding flowers, and not for the brides to casually browse the flowers as in a big showroom. The main purpose of the meeting would be for the brides to confirm the quality of my flowers and colours, to discuss about the details of the custom made designs with me, and to place an order when they are fully satisfied.

Okay, then can I make an appointment to meet with you to discuss my wedding flowers? When are you available?
After the email discussions regarding the details of your flowers I will make sure if the flowers that you like are currently in stock and prepare them for you to have a look at. 
Please understand that you may have to wait for a few weeks. I am running my business by myself and I have limited time for the meetings as I make the bouquets and the arrangements for the orders as well. Please refer to “Appointment Request” page.

I am looking to order silk flowers for a wedding next week. Although this is very soon, is there any possibility that you would be able to complete an order in that time frame and have them posted to ○○○?
 We need at least 5 days, if you are in QLD, and a week to 10 days if interstate, for me to complete an order and post, and for you to receive it. There is still a possibility, if you could be open to my suggestions that are available now.

I still haven't decided to go with silk or real flowers for my wedding bouquet. I was wondering if you can give some suggestions of flowers if I choose to go with silk?
 My thoughts/reasons to have the silk flowers for weddings are;
- Simply, they are beautiful
- No need to worry that they go wilt during the day
- Can organize them in advance, a lot less stress
- When the flowers you like are not in season
- Allergy free
- Transferable, very easily
 and, they can be kept forever

 I can surely give you some suggestions of flowers, I just need some information from you first, such as; your wedding colour scheme and the price range that you are looking at, then even if you are not sure what type of flowers you like, I am able to give you some ideas. We can start discussing your wedding flowers from there.